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       Book two of "The Hipster Chronicles," titled "The Hipster," has just been finished and will also be available soon.




                 A epic new novel / thriller series by Steven A. Finly   (105,000 words)

                                 Book One of the "Hipster Chronicles."

     Steven's current novel '"WASTED '" is a twisted tale of murder, music, love and revenge in the Motor City during its late 1960’s rock and roll heyday. 

     Loosely based around real events, "WASTED" is the first installment of a trilogy following the lives of three Detroit families (one rich, one blue-collar, and one of a police detective) as they journey through the social, political, racial, and sexual revolutions of the psychedelic drug-fueled 1960’s through to the cocaine-crazed 1980's.   

      ... and Steve should know because he was a rock & roll guitarist during those years.


     Logline: "When a young auto-heiress dies in a drug-related auto accident, 
her vengeful father secretly hires an ex-military associate to hunt down the dealer that gave her the drug."

     Story capsulation:

     Jesse Adams (23) longs for a chance to escape his working-class drudgery,
so he turns to dealing LSD to help finance his fledgling music career. 

     Regrettably, his hopes for a better life come crashing down when his girlfriend, Claudia Wexler, dies in a freak accident after overdosing on the very drug he's selling.         
     Although innocent of the crime, Jesse is arrested and becomes the key suspect in the police investigation -- but was Claudia's death accidental, a suicide, or murder?

     Jesse's life is soon in shambles when an unexpected loophole in the drug laws allows him to walk away from any pending charges; because the actual drug Claudia had taken wasn't illegal yet!
    Elated, Jesse begins to search for the person responsible for supplying Claudia with the drug.  What he doesn't know is that Claudia’s rich and powerful father, Frank Wexler, has decided to initiate his own brand of justice.      Frank's a man that knows no limits when it comes to revenge, even if it means breaking the law ... or even murder. 

    Enraged by Jesse's release, Frank secretly hires an ex-militar y associate to prove Jesse's compliance in his daughter's death and settle the matter his way, "An Eye for an Eye.

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 "Author Steven Finly takes us on a magic carpet ride into the psychedelic 60s when world views were shifting and new worlds were spinning into existence.   As in any time when culture clashes disrupt our realities, the characters in 'Wasted,' though definitely rich in those bygone times, reflect the challenges we all face even in today’s fractured world.  Remember, reminisce, reflect, be glad you weren’t there, wish you were there… this story offers something for everyone of every age and inclination. Plus amidst the trials and tragedies, it’s also colorful and fun."

                 Pamela Jaye Smith,  award-winning screenwriter,  novelist and educator; MYTHWORKS.


"A great read.  Steven's  novel really captured the highs and lows of the 1960's era."

                 Sean Cunningham, producer, director of the "Friday The 13th" / "Jason" movie series.


"'Wasted' took me back -- and blew my mind -- as much as when I came to the US in 1968 as a reserved Englishman and stumbled into the LSD counter-culture.   It's an edge-of-your-seat read and reeks of authenticity. There was a civil war at the time between the long hairs and the rednecks, and reading this book reminds me of which side I was on and why."

                 Bruce Logan, Emmy-winning director, screenwriter and producer.


"Wasted" was not only a great murder-mystery but a captivating expose about the 1960s psychedelic drug revolution, explaining how and why people took it, but more importantly, why they shouldn't.  A real page-turner."

                Richard O Lowry, Emmy-winning producer and writer.

"Wasted is an illustration of the enduring command that drugs and money wield over the best and the worst of us. We can’t look away as we watch the characters in this story come under the influence of  LSD, dollars and sheer peer power, and witness their lives disintegrate in various ways. It’s a gripping, engrossing story that, although fictional, rings all too true. Wasted is hard to put down, and leaves the reader hungry for more.

                 Leslie White, story editor.


"Wow, what a book! Its visuals were so strong that it was like I had actually taken LSD - and loved every minute of it.  "Wasted is a powerful, very REAL story that makes you feel like you were actually there (in the late 1960s).  You won't know when to stop!"

                 Denyc Poole, awarding-winning actress, producer and screenwriter.


“In hindsight, I don’t know whether to thank God for all the sex, drugs and rock & roll -- or condemn him (or her) for it --
but one thing’s for sure, the 60s were a hell of a ride -- and the novel 'A Wasted Life' proves it.”                                    

                 Kevin LaCava, writer, director, producer, Fledgling Productions..

"Like an acid flashback to the hippie heyday of 1960s Detroit, Steven Finly’s 'Wasted' is a trip in itself.  Can’t remember the last time I read a book in one sitting.  It’s part love story with all the lustful urgency that goes along with youth; part culture clash between the motor city’s working class and it’s wealthy upper crust, and a cautionary tale revolving around get rich quick drug dealing schemes.   It brought back memories of those rock’n’roll days at the Detroit's Grande Ballroom and the Fillmore West in San Francisco.  Oh, and there’s murder... ...bloody murder!  Looking forward to the next two in the trilogy! "

                 Susan Eisenstadt, writer.

"This novel captures the spirit of the drug culture of the 60s and 70s. Hold on to your seat this is a wild ride. The experience may cause flashbacks!!!"  

                 Gary A. Finly, former musician, investment counselor.  Kevin LaCava, writer, director, producer; Founder of Fledgling Productions.


"A great read, which really took me straight back to the 1960's -- only this time I can remember it."

                Greg Sheppard, lawyer -  legal consultant for the pop-rock band 'Sheppard.'


"God bless the Baby Boomers… for they have sinned.  Read the book and find out how and why.”

                 Mike A. Finly, musician, artist., baby-boomer.


"Reading 'Wasted' was the best trip I've taken since the 1970's.  Some habits die hard, and like the true-life characters living and dying in this story, if you don't experience immediate flashbacks you may find yourself on a deeper journey to discover what you've been missing lo these many years..."

                 John Hetherington, composer, author.


"Wasted' is a great read!  Once I started it, I couldn't stop.  Having grown up during the 60s, the story and characters felt very true to the time period.  The dialogue and musical references were spot on.  Can't wait for the sequel to see what happens next!"

             Ingrid Butler, educator, writer.

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