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Available Screenplays / loglines

 For complete pitches and contact info:

"THE LAST GAME " - Winner, Houston Int'l Film Festival screenplay award:  thriller / drama that has won awards  in six other script contests.  Feature-length.  Based on a screen story by Phil Kaufman.

"1962.  An Alcatraz inmate makes a bet with a powerful con that he can escape, and does, only to realize he’s been set up to take the rap for a murder -- so he has to break back into Alcatraz."

Based on real events.

"LITTLE PRETTIES " - (fka "Makeover" ) -multiple award-winning horror / fantasy.  The script is currently a Top 100 script in the 2019 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Contest.   Feature-length.

"When a timid coed realizes her plain-jane BFF has used a cursed charm to steal the prettier features of other women to make herself beautiful  -- and that with each wish the donor is killed or maimed -- the coed must overcome her worst fears to right the wrongs. The twist? She doesn’t know what her BFF looks like anymore and must turn supernatural detective to hunt her down.”

"TRAGICALLY HIP " (aka ANT FARM) -  teen-Y/A  PG13 to R-rated comedy .  Feature-length. 

" “A bullied teenage girl wishes for a reprieve from her misery, which arrives in the curious form of a mysterious transfer student that teaches her how to get even without getting caught.”  

"ETERNAL" - an award-winning horror / thriller,  ScreenCraft Horror Scripts Contest semifinalist. 
Feature length script - and TV pilot and bible are available.

 “A trio of immortal beings have made a sport out of nearly scaring their human victims to death before killing them so they can feed off the adrenaline in their blood -- which is the source of their eternal life.  The twist? A young man and a terminally-ill, old codger form an unlikely team to hunt them after they killed their lovers fifty-years apart.”

"WITHOUT A KISS..." - an award-winning dark comedy.   Feature-length.

“When a scheming wife secretly switches places with her lookalike sister for an escort job — and is murdered — her husband ends up being the main suspect on an exploitative, reality-TV CRIME SHOW investigating her death. The twist? He proves his innocence, only to unwittingly implicate the wrong man as the murderer, which is exactly what the real killer intended to happen.”

"SWAP" - (aka "5150") -  a supernatural horror /  thriller.   Feature-length .

"Haunted by the savage murder of her kid sister, a distressed young woman unwittingly uses a supernatural force that enables her to swap her consciousness with anyone she wants, so she can hunt down the killer. The catch? She’s not sure if the power is real or if she’s imagined it all and gone mad.”

"COLLECTED " (aka "The Site") - an award-winning sci-fi thriller.   Feature-length.

"“After discovering clues to a long-lost cache of alien cloning technology, an explorer is used like a pawn between rival factions battling to find it first --, and control its God-like power. The catch? No one knows it's contaminated with a deadly virus from another world.”

"KISS INTERRUPTED" - an award-winning comedy / fantasy .  Feature-length.

"When an innocent teenage couple’s first kiss is interrupted by a mischievous little boy, their ability to fall in love with anyone oddly goes on hold until --what appears to be-- the same young boy inadvertently brings them back together 15 years later."

"THE BOTTLE"  A Y/A thriller.  Feature-length.

A clever coed turns detective to prove a series of recent student suicides are actually staged murders connected to a tragic accident that killed her fiancé and several others. The twist? She realizes the killer’s final target is her best friend and must use herself as bait to lure him out.”

Also available

"SNAKE!" - a thriller / horror.   Feature-length  (In development)
"After a rash of mysterious disappearances deep in the Florida Everglades, a young female park ranger realizes an enormous constrictor snake is responsible for the deaths and must be hunted down. The twist?  She was the one that released the creature into the wild many years ago, making it all the more personal."

"THE STONE KING " -  a thriller.   Feature-length .  (In development).

"When a beleaguered man learns of his estranged sister’s tragic death, he travels to a remote Central American island to settle her affairs -- only to realize she was murdered.  He's soon swept up in a battle between cut-throat, ancient artifact hunters and a crafty native shaman intent on a keeping the grave-robbers away."


"THE KILL"  (fka "BIG GAME") sci-fi action / thriller.  Feature-length.  (In development)

"A big game hunting expedition to a primitive new world goes savagely wrong."

"Z-DAY"- horror script.  Feature-length.  (Co-written - producer attached)

"As WWII pulls to a close, EDDY “DEUCE” JENKINS and the rag-tag crew of his Navy Liberty ship realize they’ve become unwitting participants in a very desperate German/Japanese “final plan” to deliver a ZOMBIE PLAGUE to the shores of America – using them as the carriers."

"Untitled Ghost Story). Horror.   Feature-length.  (Co-written - producer attached.)

"When a horrific accident leaves a young man temporarily bedridden and mute, he begins having nightmarish visions of a young woman’s heinous murder… but struggles to communicate with others as he tries to find her killer.  The switch?  He’s not sure if the ghost is real or if he's been set up by the real killer.

"LEXICON" (aka "SCAVENGERS")  Sci-fi horror/thriller.   Feature-length.  (In development)

"When a headstrong astronaut’s ship and crew are captured by a massive alien space-craft, he must single-handedly outwit and kill off their captors to free his crewmates."  (Think "Alien" in reverse.)

"DOUBT" - thriller / mystery.   Feature-length.

 When a headstrong young woman suspects the suicide of her twin sister was staged to cover up her murder, she moves into the same apartment where her sister lived in hopes of flushing out the killer –- only to be tricked into implicating herself in the homicide

"FOR THE MONEY" award-winning Buddy/Road story.  Feature-length.  (In development)

" Three working-class-joes from Detroit try to turn their mundane lives around when they quest after a long lost, very valuable antique Lincoln automobile once owned by Lucky Luciano."

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