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Some background info about the story for my novel "WASTED."


When I was a teenager growing up in the 60's in Detroit, I actually worked (and performed) at the Grande Ballroom. I remembered hearing all sorts of sordid rumors about the tragic, drug-related murder of a pretty young, Grosse Pointe socialite that used to go there. I never really knew her, but the way she supposedly died always stuck in the back of mind (sorry, no story spoilers yet). I never really knew what was the truth or fiction, but 40 years later the events inspired the novel "Wasted." Detroit was a crazy place to live in those days, what with the riots, student protests, automobile strikes, drugs, anti-war campaigns and rock & roll, etc. I took little pieces and memories of each of them and put them together to create the story line for the book. Lots of fun. Lots of research. I hope it all pays off with the book being a success!

Note: The image above is what the Grande Ballroom stage now looks like 40 years later. Hard to believe that's the same stage where I stood and watched groups like The Who, The Cream, Led Leppelin, The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, Traffic, Joe Cocker and a hundred other talents perform. The memories of it, of Uncle Russ, Tom Wright, Steve Kott, Dave Miller and dozens of other friends, will always be remembered.

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