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SINdication, a dark comedy.
“Never let the truth get in the way of a
ood headline.”

When a scheming young wife secretly switches places with her cam-girl sister for an escort job, and is murdered, her unwitting husband becomes the prime suspect. Although innocent of the crime, his life, loves, and dirty-laundry rapidly gain national notoriety when the case is picked up by a reality TV crime show. The twist? He proves his innocence, only to unwittingly implicate the wrong person as his wife’s murderer — which is exactly what the real killer had planned all along.

“SINdication” by Steven A Finly is based on the award-winning dark-comedy screenplay of the same name.

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Wasted, Book 1 of the Hipsters Trilogy.
“Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out, Make Money”

Detroit, 1969. Money, power, and party drugs are fueling the sexual and political revolutions sweeping America, and everyone wants their share. So, when the beautiful daughter of Detroit’s richest man, Frank Wexler, is found dead at a remote city park, after overdosing on a psychedelic drug, he’ll stop at nothing to ferret out the person responsible.

As the hunt escalates, the girl’s innocent boyfriend, Jesse Adams, soon finds himself the prime suspect as he’s pursued by Detroit Detective Gil Nelson, who is hell bent on using the high-profile case to make his name. Once Jesse and Detective Nelson’s paths intersect, their lives are forever changed.

In a world full of excessive wealth and bulletproof egos, where anything goes and everyone has a price, the award-winning novel, Wasted, takes readers into the dark underbelly of the 1960s rock and roll scene and lays the foundation of Finly’s The Hipster Trilogy.

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High Life, Book 2 of the Hipsters Trilogy.
“The price of fame is higher than you think.”

A murder mystery thriller.


Detroit, 1975. Detective Gil Nelson and Wade Adams are back, and this time they’re the ones being hunted.

When a biker gang member’s body is found hanging from a tree by his ankle, his head submerged in a river, the police know this is no run-of-the-mill murder.

Six years after taking on Detroit’s drug-dealing hipster underground, Detective Gil Nelson is called into action again. It’s 1975 and the stakes are far more deadly than in the late 60s. There’s a fortune to be made as rival motorcycle gangs seek to take control of the lucrative pleasure drug trade sweeping North America, and the bodies are piling up.

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The Cocaine Diet, book 3 of the Hipsters Trilogy.

“You can run, you can hide, but you can never leave your past behind.”

Set in Detroit during the early 1980s.

A murder mystery thriller.

It’s been eleven years since Detroit Municipal Police Detective Gil Nelson first infiltrated the city’s underground drug rings, and he’s had enough. Now retired from the force, Detective Nelson has become a successful novelist by writing about the mind-bending crimes he once solved. However, when a drug dealer’s body washes ashore on a California beach, along with millions of dollars of cocaine, Nelson’s newly laid-back lifestyle is put on hold. Called back into the force, Nelson takes on the case, but when he discovers the man’s body on the beach was already declared dead five years ago, he quickly realizes this is no ordinary investigation.


After all, you can’t die twice. Or can you?

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